Color Atlas of Biochemistry por Jan Koolman

April 6, 2020

Color Atlas of Biochemistry por Jan Koolman
Titulo del libro : Color Atlas of Biochemistry
Autor : Jan Koolman
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 12, 2012
Número de páginas : 506
ISBN : 3131003731
Editor : Thieme Medical Publishers

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Providing a powerful visual overview of the entire spectrum of human biochemistry, the third edition of the popular Color Atlas of Biochemistry is an ideal reference and study aid. It utilizes the signature Flexibook format, consisting of double-page spreads with clear explanatory text on the left-hand page and exquisitely detailed full-color graphics on the right. These bite-sized learning capsules ensure that your review of any given topic is quick, efficient, and comprehensive, allowing you to target the exact information you need for classroom and exam success. New features of this bestselling review book: * Increased focus on pathobiochemical aspects and clinical correlations, especially useful for exam preparation in the clinical sciences* New and expanded sections on the immune and digestive systems, motor proteins, transport processes, blood clotting and fibrinolysis, biochemistry of fatty tissue, metabolic integration, neurotransmitters and their receptors, signal transduction, and much more!* Symbols for atoms, biomolecules, coenzymes, biochemical processes, and chemical reactions are color-coded to promote quick comprehension * Computer graphics that provide simulated 3D representations of important molecules, making complex subject matter tangible* Convenient color thumb index that guides you quickly through the book This superb didactic atlas has been used by medical and health science students worldwide since its first publication in German in 1994. It has since been translated into 9 languages and has been revised and updated regularly ever since. Its unrivalled illustrations, concise text, and focused presentation all combine to create an excellent, high-yield study guide.